Your idea is important.

You’re a leader in your field, and you’ve honed your expertise over your career. We’ve honed our expertise by shepherding bestselling authors through this process, and we know how to get your story to market. We help you engage your audience, and the world, through your ideas, publishing a book that will become bigger than you might imagine.

Step 1: The Strategy

The Page Two process starts with you and your goals as an author. You’ll work with one of our principals and our team of experienced publishing professionals to develop a book plan and market strategy that works for your goals. We primarily work with two groups of authors: non-fiction writers who want to spread their ideas through the world, and companies that want to share their stories with stakeholders and a broader audience. We help you decide which stories to tell and how to shape and market them to reach your target audience.

Step 2: The Publishing Process

The steps involved in turning a manuscript into a finished book can be daunting. Our team of professionals can edit, design, and produce your book, and make sure it reaches the widest possible audience. We edit your own material, and we’ll even bring in the best ghostwriters for your project to help shape your words if needed. We’ll package your books beautifully, in digital and print form, while adhering to goals, timeline, and budget.

Step 3: The World

Page Two promotes your books around the world, or in your own backyard. Whether you’re selling your books or giving complimentary copies to key stakeholders, we get your book to the people who should read it. Page Two marketing campaigns are grounded in the best practices for launching a book. We work with the world’s largest and most established distributors, which means that you’ll get access to the same physical bookstores and online retailers as bestselling authors.

Publishing Insight from Page Two

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