Read Ara the Star Engineer with Google Home

November 19, 2018

Ara the Star EngineerKomal Singh’s picture book, Ara the Star Engineer, has been selected for Google Home’s Read Along feature—an immersive story reading experience! When you start reading the book, your Google Home device plays sound effects that bring the story to life.

To try it out, say “Hey Google, let’s read along with Ara.” The device will recognize where you are in the story, so if your child wants to skip ahead or backward in the story, it will chime in with the relevant sound effects. The feature is currently available on Google Home devices in the United States.

Ara the Star Engineer is the story of a young girl who loves BIG numbers. She wants to count all the stars in the sky… but how? She and her sidekick droid, DeeDee (“Beep!”), tinker-and-tailor, build-and-fail, launch-and-iterate, and in the end discover an amazing algorithm of success—coding, courage, creativity, and collaboration (“Beeeeep!”). Geena Davis calls it “a book for all ages and genders” and Rachel Ignotofsky “a great bedtime story for any little engineer-to-be.”

You can download hands-on activities and access further learning resources here.