We work on a wide range of non-fiction book projects, from negotiating book deals to supporting self-publishers and helping companies monetize their publications. This diversity excites us and keeps us on our toes. We have helped hundreds of people publish their books. These are some of the many clients we are proud to have worked with. For a detailed look at some of our projects, check out these case studies.

Phil Jones Exactly What to Say cover

As a first-time author, I had no idea what to expect from the book publishing process. I’m happy to say that Page Two made writing my first book a breeze. Jesse and her team were an invaluable resource, helping me every step of the way from conception to marketing my book. I’ll gladly use them for my next book and recommend their services to anyone else looking to write a book. They went above and beyond the call of duty.

Sean Cooper

Author, Burn Your Mortgage

Finding Your Forever Body_Kimberley Record

“My editor was amazing. By reducing words and choosing active ones, she made the material move and gave it a beat. I’ve been singing her praises for two weeks and, in my mind, I’ve hugged her many times.”

Viola Neufeld

Author, Grateful for the Fight

Paul Snowdon, BA, BASc, MSc

"I was shocked at how many doors the book opened for me. … I'm still making connections, and one of the great things about these possibilities is their unpredictability. You just never know what your book will do."

Lenore Newman

Author, Speaking in Cod Tongues and the forthcoming Lost Feast

“Page Two has been nothing short of spectacular. They are truly unique, blending the best from what traditional and self-publishing worlds have to offer. From the very beginning we worked as partners in determining the best way to bring my book to life.”

Deborah MacNamara, PhD

Author, Rest, Play, Grow

Ritu Bhasin, LL.B. MBA.

“Respected publishing leaders whose connections and insight saved us time and money.”

Michael Pond & Maureen Palmer

Authors, The Couch of Willingness

Pailin Chongchitnant

“Page Two Strategies has been an absolute godsend. I cannot imagine publishing a book without them!”

Mindy Mackenzie

Author, The Courage Solution

“I have worked with many editors, designers, proofreaders, and publishers, big and small, over the years, but the work of Page Two in helping me and LegalIntel to bring this sixth edition [of Surviving Your Divorce] to Canadians has been the best. Thanks to a first-class team.”

Michael G. Cochrane

LL.B., author, Surviving Your Divorce

Jon Montgomery

“Page Two exceeded my expectations on all fronts.”

Bruce Sellery

Author, The Moolala Guide to Rockin’ Your RRSP

Arno Kopecky

Masa Takei

“Forthcoming and knowledgeable.”

Dana Inkster

Director, Educational Media Workshop

Sonja Larsen

Jason Partridge

Ujwal Arkalgud

Kathleen Trotter

Mary Kellough

Lenore Newman

Daniel Jones

Chad Brealey

John Lekich

John Herdman

Geoff Dembicki

“Trena and Jesse are total pros. They were instrumental in my first book deal.”

Geoff Dembicki

Author, Are We Screwed: The Millennial's Guide to Climate Change (forthcoming from Bloomsbury US)

Emira Mears

“They have exceptional reputations, a fierce commitment to quality results, and form genuinely caring and collaborative relationships with partners and clients.”

Zoe Grams

Principal, ZG Communications

Kevin Donovan

Alexandra Samuel

Alexandra Samuel

“These women are awesome!”

Maggie Langrick

President and Publisher, LifeTree Media

Dr. Karen Lee

Wayne Fipke

Wayne Fipke

Nicholas Giardini

Anne Giardini

“What better team to have with you on your exciting publishing journey.”

George Affleck

President and CEO, Curve Communications

Nancy Macdonald

Nancy Macdonald

Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit

“Working with Page Two is like hitting the 'Triple 7' jackpot of publishing. I had a huge network of top professionals working on my behalf, all brought together by Page Two. The top publisher in the world couldn't have done it better.”

Don Chapman

Author, The Lost Canadians

Tony Babinski

Pete Emes

“Jesse and Trena are motivated, talented, smart, culturally sensitive, and trustworthy.”

Scott McIntyre

Founder, Douglas & McIntyre

Lesley-Anne Scorgie

“Page Two was integral in helping me navigate the muddy waters of quality self-publishing.”

Tony Neumeyer

Author, The 7-Minute Millionaire

Levonne Louie

Zazie Todd

“Excellent, professional advice. A good choice for serious authors.”

Carol Cram

Author, The Towers of Tuscany

Louise Green

Leah Lawrence

“I lost my therapy practice to alcoholism. After my memoir was published, those battling addictions see me as uniquely positioned to help them. Telling my story has built me a whole new practice!”

Michael Pond

Co-author, The Couch of Willingness

Bridget Casey

Sharone Bar-David

Kerry Gold

“Working with Jesse has been amazing. She is always readily available to talk and is incredibly resourceful. Working with her took my book to the next level and I'm so grateful for all her professional help!”

Shelley Ugyan

Author, Food Freedom

“Page Two has been right beside me every step of the way: supportive, professional, kind, and rife with expertise. In short, everything you could want in a (self) publisher. Hats off to them.”

Sheila Norgate

Author, The Path of Leash Resistance

“To say that my experience with Page Two was ‘off-the-charts outstanding’ would be a gross understatement. If you are ever considering self-publishing a book, there really is only one choice: Page Two.”

Sharone Bar-David

LLB, MSW; author, Trust Your Canary

“You guys are awesome. You have so exceeded my expectations of what I thought this book could be.”

Dr. Riley Senft

Author, Step Into Action