The New Must-Read for Entrepreneurs

February 8, 2018

Patrick O’NeillWe’re delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of our client Patrick O’Neill’s book—The Only Certain Freedom: The Transformative Journey of the Entrepreneur.

Patrick O’Neill is the owner and president of Extraordinary Conversations Inc., a Toronto-based management consulting firm that specializes in change management, leadership development, team performance, organizational communications, and conflict resolution. Over the past three decades, the internationally acclaimed consultant and teacher has developed innovative organizational effectiveness programs that are pragmatic and applicable to the workplace and community, and has worked with global corporations such as the Walt Disney Company, Kraft, Revlon, Sony BMG Music, as well as mid-sized and smaller organizations. The leadership expert is also the protégé of Angeles Arrien and leads The Four Directions, a continuation of Arrien’s Four-Fold Way programs.

In The Only Certain Freedom, O’Neill shares his personal journey of leaving behind the cutthroat public relations world to create a path for himself that’s in accordance with his ideals. But this book is so much more than just one man’s story—O’Neill connects the processes, pitfalls, and triumphs of his story to ancient myths, clarifying the common threads of human struggle and illuminating the profound wisdom at the heart of human experience. While The Only Certain Freedom is truly a book for our era of empowered individualism, it is also a testament to the universality of human experience from time immemorial. The book celebrates the individual seeker, but it also connects his or her journey to the hardship and joy that all of us face when we decide to take the risks necessary to find success.

The Only Certain Freedom is an inspirational yet practical guide for entrepreneurs who are driven to test the courage of their convictions, discover the universal truths that underlie their personal journey, and turn their nascent hope for a more fulfilling life and career into reality. The book will be available in March 2018.