How to Wash a Chicken

September 24, 2018

Tim Calkins - How to Wash a Chicken How to Wash a Chicken: Mastering the Business Presentation by Tim Calkins launches tomorrow.

How to Wash a Chicken is not a book about chickens; it is a comprehensive playbook for business leaders and people on their way up to give the best presentations of their lives and embark on a circle of presentation success. With concrete suggestions, helpful tricks, step-by-step guidance and sometimes unexpected advice that’s applicable to all industries, Calkins pushes his readers to create and deliver effective business presentations and pitches. When all lessons from How to Wash a Chicken are applied, readers will be geared up for the entire preparation and presentation process, and be able to present with more conviction than they ever had.

Calkins is an award-winning marketing professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He teaches courses including Marketing Strategy and Biomedical Marketing. He also manages the popular online business publication Building Strong Brands, founded the Kellogg Super Bowl Advertising Review, which has received more than 5 billion media impressions to date, and works with major corporations around the world including PepsiCo, Eli Lilly, and AbbVie. Calkins understands the power of a compelling presentation and the difficulty in accomplishing one; he has given over 5,000 business presentations to date.

Curious about the origins of his title? Check out this short video.

“Turning a complex situation into a simple story requires real effort. Tim Calkins makes getting there easy with a playbook that should be in the hands of any successful business leader today. Tim takes the guesswork out of business presentations with simple, no-nonsense tips that will pack punch, infuse energy and win audiences.”
—Sally Grimes, Group President, Tyson Foods

“Calkins reminds us that there is a process and structure for creating compelling presentations that will advance your ideas and your career. If your job involves selling or persuading, then you will benefit from applying the lessons of this book.”
—Sergio Pereira, President,

Calkins is also the author of Breakthrough Marketing Plans and Defending Your Brand, which was named Marketing Book of the Year in 2013 by Expert Market Magazine.