Developing a Road Map for a Life of Purpose with David Lane

March 17, 2018

A Guidebook for a New HumanityWe are thrilled to announce the upcoming release from our client David Lane, spiritual healer and writer, A Guidebook for a New Humanity: Awakening Your Higher Consciousness.

Lane grew up in a Christian family on a farm in Western Australia, which sets the foundations for his relationship with God, but he has always had spiritual questions that challenged him to seek knowledge beyond the Christian tradition. However, those unanswered questions were put on the back burner as he settled into the life of a farmer, husband, and father. When Lane finally committed to a search—thirty-four years ago—for a much deeper understanding of the spiritual purpose of life and how God operates, he became a spiritual healer.

Lane’s upcoming book represents the biggest picture he has gained since he embarked on his spiritual journey to seek meaning and help others in doing the same. Based on a lifetime of seeking common denominators between a broad spectrum of information on how God came into existence and how God operates, the spiritual healer and author embarked on a thirty-four-year journey to finding answers that made sense to him—a commitment that resulted in A Guidebook for a New Humanity. Lane’s step-by-step guide will demonstrate the ways you can build personal awareness, identify detrimental patterns of thought and behaviour, and fulfill the potential of your lives while working with higher forces.

In a time of unprecedented change, how do you go beyond old patterns and meet humanity’s challenges from a new perspective? David Lane’s A Guidebook for a New Humanity: Awakening Your Higher Consciousness is an inspirational manual that will guide you on a journey of mastery over your lives, increase the vibration of your consciousness on a personal level, and help you develop a road map for a life of purpose.