Congratulations to Bestselling Page Two Author—Bob Joseph!

April 30, 2018

Bob Joseph - 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian ActA heartfelt congratulations to Page Two author, Bob Joseph, for the enormous success he has experienced (so far) with his second publication—21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act—which was released less than three weeks ago and has already hit multiple bestseller lists across Canada!

In the initial few weeks after launch, 21 Things debuted on both The Globe and Mail’s and The Toronto Star’s Canadian non-fiction bestseller lists, and is currently one of Indigo’s Top 10 New Non-Fiction Releases. Joseph’s book was also the top-selling Canadian history and Native Canadian literature book on Amazon, and #2 on the bestselling Canadian literature list just after Rupi Kaur. And most recently, 21 Things advanced from 7th position to 4th on the BC Bestsellers List after being on the list for two consecutive weeks.

Bob Joseph The Globe and Mail

It’s been a great privilege to work on this important book, which was based on a viral blog post written by the author in 2015. As the founding president of Indigenous Corporate Training and a cultural sensitivity trainer, he has always been committed to contributing to the reconciliation process. It’s clear that the complex and essential subject matter of the book resonates with readers, and we are thrilled that Joseph’s work is receiving the recognition it deserves. You can learn more about the motivation behind writing the book in his interview with the Vancouver Sun, or meet Joseph in Vancouver for a dialogue at his presentation and Q&A event about 21 Things in June.

“There have been recent events that have caused many to say that reconciliation is not possible, but I don’t agree. It just means we have to work harder. I know we can do it. The ongoing interest in the article, the website with over 80,000 visitors last month, and now this book, sustains my optimism that as a country we are not only capable of change but desire change.”Bob Joseph


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