Announcing our new client Jessica Holmes

October 31, 2017

Jessica HolmesWe’re excited to announce that we’re working with Jessica Holmes on her upcoming book, Depression the Comedy: A Tale of Perseverance.

While Holmes is best known for her comedic work with Royal Canadian Air Farce, Second City, Just for Laughs, and her own sketch series The Holmes Show, the gifted comedian is also a writer, motivational speaker, and an advocate for mental illness. She published a memoir titled I Love Your Laughs: Finding the Light in My Screwball Life with McClelland & Stewart in 2004, and is due to release another—Depression the Comedy: A Tale of Perseverance.

In her upcoming book, Holmes takes readers on her journey—sometimes laugh out loud, sometimes cringe-worthy—from successful performer to basically living the life of a house cat. She covers marriage counselling, where jokes come from, the chicken and the egg of depression and comedy, surrounding the sofa with junk food so it looks like a tornado hit a 7-Eleven, her kids’ take on the perks of having a depressed mom (“We don’t have to clean up anything. Yesterday the cat barfed and mom just put a cushion on it and went back to playing on the iPad!”), and the obnoxiousness of anti-depressant commercials (“I never noticed the ocean before!”). Whether you have suffered from depression a little (“I get sad every January”) or a lot (“My psychiatrist doesn’t have a name for what I’ve got”), of maybe you just think real life calls for levity and understanding, this book is for you.

Depression the Comedy: A Tale of Perseverance will be available in Spring 2018.

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Paul Shore Wins Whistler Independent Book Award!

October 28, 2017

UncorkedCongratulations to our client Paul Shore, who received the 2017 Whistler independent Book Award for the non-fiction category with his latest memoir, Uncorked: My Year in Provence Studying Pétanque, Discovering Chagall, Drinking Pastis, and Mangling French!

Established in 2016 to recognize excellence in Canadian independent publishing, the Whistler Independent Book Awards offers prizes in two categories: fiction and nonfiction. Jointly administered by the Whistler Writing Society and Vivalogue Publishing, the Whistler Independent Book Awards provide independent authors with a unique opportunity to have their work recognized through a juried process typically reserved for trade-published titles. All finalists were selected by members of the Canadian Authors Association (Metro Vancouver), and the winners for the non-fiction category was selected by writers J.J. Lee and Susan Oakey-Baker for this year’s award.
In Lee’s own words, “[S]hore’s use of the game of Pétanque as a point of entry to address areas of personal alienation is a great literary and narrative choice… This memoir made me laugh; especially Paul’s foil Hubert, who is a star. And its funny and illuminating stories contain a soul that is touching too!”
The first ever recipient of the Whistler Independent Book Award for the non-fiction category was also a client of Page Two. Last year, Miji Campbell won the award with her memoir, Separation Anxiety: A Coming of Middle Age Story.
Whistler Independent Book Awards 2017

Our two gifted clients at the winners’ presentation earlier this month. Photo credit: Miji Campbell

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Welcoming our new client Justin Bariso

October 25, 2017

Justin BarisoWe are thrilled to announce our new client Justin Bariso!

Justin Bariso is an author and consultant who helps organizations think differently and communicate with impact. In 2016, LinkedIn named him the “Top Voice” in “Management and Culture.” As a leadership and communications expert, Justin frequently contributes on these topics, with a primary focus on emotional intelligence. His work has been published on and Business Insider (among others), and he is one of’s most widely-read columnists.

In his latest project, EQ, Applied, Bariso takes a long, hard look at the concept of emotional intelligence, which many have heralded as the secret, intangible key to success since it was introduced decades ago. Through fascinating research, modern examples, and personal stories, the author illustrates how EQ works in the real world. Based on this foundation, he provides a practical approach to emotional intelligence, including an effective set of tools to help readers learn how to make emotions work for them, instead of against them. 

EQ, Applied will be available in 2018.

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Page Two Expands on Its Fourth Anniversary

October 3, 2017

Page Two Turns Four and Expands

October 3, 2017, is Page Two’s fourth anniversary and principals and owners Jesse Finkelstein and Trena White are thrilled to be celebrating this milestone by announcing the expansion of our team to include five key new roles.

Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit joins us in the position of Marketing Director. She is a marketer, entrepreneur, and author who has been working in the digital marketing space for over fifteen years. She is also the founder of the business, established in 2007 and sold in 2015, and the author of Healthy Mum, Happy Baby. Annemarie will be building innovative, customized marketing programs for Page Two’s clients and supporting our overall business development.

Amanda Lewis has been promoted to the newly created role of Editorial Director, overseeing the editorial vision for Page Two’s projects across the board. Amanda has wide-ranging editorial experience, including over eight years at Knopf Random House Canada. She was one of the editors of the Giller Prize–winning novel Us Conductors by Sean Michaels and edited the Giller- and Governor General’s Award-shortlisted Yiddish for Pirates by Gary Barwin. She was nominated for the 2016 Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence for her work on Yiddish for Pirates.

Our expansion also includes the addition of several other new members to our internal team, including Project Manager Rony Ganon, Junior Designer Taysia Louie, and Publishing Assistant Kayi Wong.  They join our existing team of Creative Director Peter Cocking, Publishing Services Manager Gabrielle Narsted, and Operations Manager Carra Simpson.

We look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with ZG Communications, Canada’s premier PR agency specializing in book publicity, and we will continue to draw upon our extensive network of freelance professionals and allies to best serve our clients.

Recent successes for Page Two include working with coach, speaker, and author Michael Bungay Stanier on his Wall Street Journal bestseller The Coaching Habit (more than a quarter million copies sold); with The Tite Group and CBC Radio’s This Is That on This is That: Travel Guide to Canada, a National Post and CBC Books bestseller; and with Indigenous Corporate Training on two projects, Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples and the forthcoming 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act. Discover more of our projects on our site.

Page Two is a publishing agency that helps authors and organizations publish game-changing non-fiction books of the highest calibre. Our expansion represents the next version of Page Two – version 2.0 as it were – and we’re excited to continue to reimagine the future of publishing.

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Sonja Larsen Wins the Edna Staebler Award for CNF!

October 3, 2017

Sonja Larsen wins the Edna Staebler Award for CNF

Sonja Larsen has won the Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction with her debut memoir, Red Star Tattoo.

“As is the case with lives themselves, all memoirs are unique, but this seems especially true of Sonja Larsen’s Red Star Tattoo: My Life as a Girl Revolutionary,” said Bruce Gillespie, professor at Wilfrid Laurier University and juror for the award. 

Red Star Tattoo took the writer eight years to complete, and was published by Random House Canada last year. Larsen is represented by Page Two principal and Transatlantic Agency associate agent Trena White.
Larsen’s win will be celebrated on Nov. 9 with an award presentation and reading in the Robert Langen Art Gallery and Library on the Waterloo campus of WLU. You can also meet the author on the Brantford campus the following day.
For more information about the public events and the jurors’ decision, please visit the Edna Staebler website.


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