André LaRivière Discusses the Future of the Restaurant Industry in His New Book

February 15, 2018

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re working with André LaRivière on his upcoming book, The Next Course: Reinventing the Modern Urban Restaurant.

The sustainable foodservice consultant, former CBC Radio producer, New York–trained chef, restaurant trade journalist, food critic, and social entrepreneur has been a go-to resource and friend to Vancouver’s restaurant community for the past decade, helping many leading operations save energy, reduce waste, and choose sustainable menu options. LaRivière also co-founded the Green Table Network, a non-profit enterprise to foster sustainability in the foodservice industry. Currently, he is a principal with fish+river, a progressive foodservice consultancy.

In 2011, LaRivière participated in a “restaurant of a future” project, playing a vital role in facilitating the transformation of O’Doul’s in downtown Vancouver into Forage—an energy-efficient operation with localized menus and low-impact design. This initiative incited him to investigate further the alliance between restaurants and sustainability in urban areas.

With The Next Course, LaRivière aims to help restaurant operations design a smarter way forward by revisiting the fundamentals that define a modern restaurant. The Next Course sparks timely and necessary conversations between all stakeholders in urban foodservice: from chefs and restaurateurs to suppliers, social enterprises, and city planners—here in Vancouver and around the world.

LaRivière asked industry leaders and experts “what if?”; such as: what if restaurants were to convert to renewable energy and use less of it? What if restaurants were to localize product sourcing as much as possible? The answers—and the dialogue they inspire—have the potential to revolutionize the future of dining out. In The Next Course, LaRivière illustrates how urban restaurants can use technical and business innovations to feed the most people with the least energy and waste, while remaining economically viable.

The Next Course will be available in May 2018. For more information and a video presentation, visit the author’s page on Patreon.