Amy Davies: Illuminating Your Path to a Brilliant Career in a Reorg World

December 17, 2018

Amy DaviesWe’re so pleased to announce that we’re working with Amy Davies on her forthcoming book, A Spark in the Dark: Illuminating your path to a brilliant career in a reorg world, which will launch in May, 2019.

Amy is a professional speaker and trainer who runs The Firefly Group of Companies, providing professional services to enable professionals and organizations to understand, navigate and successfully transact in a reorg world. Her Livingroom Learning courses are designed to help clients and their teams improve their presentation, communication and collaboration skills. Clients engage her in change management initiatives where she is relied upon to help plan for and address the human side of change. Amy also works with select individuals, enabling them to achieve their ultimate professional goals.

Amy is fascinated by people and their collective and individual behavior. Captivated by the state of the corporate world and the people in it, Amy began wondering how professionals achieve fulfilling and successful careers amidst a backdrop of constant flux. Realizing it would take more than hard work, credentials and commitment to advance, she started exploring what it would take to thrive in this reorg world. She set out to answer the question: How do we manage a successful career when we’re constantly losing or changing jobs? Amy’s responses to that question form the basis of her new book, and we can’t wait to help her launch it successfully next year.